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We're excited to provide exclusive access to Playermaker technology in all training sessions for our subscription members at Hy2 Sports, . Playermaker is a sports tech company transforming how soccer players leverage data. With state-of-the-art motion sensors and advanced machine learning. Their tech monitors every aspect of player movement, offering both players and coaches an unmatched insight into performance.

Trusted by elite clubs globally, Playermaker technology enables players to monitor their weekly training progress, tracking both technical and physical improvements after each session.


Kicking Power

The maximum speed of your foot during the kick

Ball Touches

The total number of ball touches a player had

Touch % L or R

  • % of touches per leg.

Accel / Decel

  • The total number of high-speed changes you made above 2 m/S2 for at least 0.5 seconds.



  • Your total distance covered during an activity.

Work Rate

  • The total distance you covered during an activity divided by its duration

Top Speed

  • The maximum speed you reached for at least 1 second.


The total distance the player covered with a speed above X m/s and below the sprint threshold (m)

tracking your progress

Player makers provide the most relevant data for creating training programs, benchmarking performance and tracking progress. With the metrics that matter, Hy2 players can set goals, measure progress, analyze performance and improve easier and faster.

Monthly Leader Board

See where your stats match up with other Hy2 players. Each month Hy2 will post leader board metrics. The Top players each month in selected categories will be celebrated  for their efforts and progress.

The HOW TO for Playermakers

Questions on How to Use playermaker.....

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